Participants :

16b éditions

The two creators of 16b share a common interest for the charms of our contemporary society, the ones we would like to question or laugh about. They collect images, words, in the streets or on social networks, and turn them into social messages spread through unique editorial objects, through the contents and the form, to take seriously or not. From collaborations to workshops, from derived objects to graphic styles; 16b editions is a clever mind, tinged with poetry, sarcasm and humorous sociology.  

with Lou Mérie, Angela Netchak

16b éditions, in residency at Artagon Marseille, 13 Bd Jean Bouin, 13014 — @16beditions

À Plomb’

Founded in April 2019 by visual artists, À Plomb’ gathers artists, choreographers and craftspersons in a shared production space. It mutualizes networks as well as artistic, technical and theorical skills within an evolutive studio, fluctuating in time depending on the needs and wishes. It was entirely conceived and built in the perspective of sharing knowledges and know-hows by favoring the use of reused materials.
Sensitive to collective reflections feeding the collective action, À Plomb’ is a laboratory, a playground, for encounters and transmissions, an archive, a home, a party, exhibition and making venue. A space running on the exchange of knowledges, the emergence of ideas and their implementation. At any time of the day or night, the studio tends to be porous to others and to uses. 

In residency at Huit Pillards, 15 Rue des Frères Cubeddu, 13014 — @a__plomb


CROCS is a collective based in Marseille, composed of young artists with various artistic practices and researches. The necessity to have a working space, but also to create a connection between practices in a healthy and respectful group dynamic led them to gather as a collective. Crocs is currently seeking a new studio space to welcome the production of its members, while feeding creation processes both common and individual, energized by the group, but also to occasionally offer various moments, workshops and events favoring collective researches and exchanges about them. 

with Marie Andrieu, Manon Dalmas, Paul Deberre, Kazuo Marsden, Anastasia Simonin


FAM — Fédération Artistique de Marseille

The Marseille Artistic Federation (FAM) is an association created during the year 2021 following the last editions of the festival Printemps de l’Art Contemporain OFF.
From this event stemmed the shared necessity to build a solidarity network between the self-managed studios, the emblematic associations of the cultural and artistic field of Marseille as well as the institutional partners. This transversality gives to the FAM the ability to build a strong network supportive of the challenges of contemporary creation

Its objectives are:  

GIVE VISIBILITY to the contemporary practices on Marseille territory
MUTUALIZE technical skills, knowledges and spaces
AFFIRM a network of exchanges and discussions between the various artistic and cultural actors of the region.  




Fuite is a working and meeting space founded in 2019. Located in a former car garage, it currently hosts 8 artists with various activities where sculpture, performance, video, photography intertwine along with the organization of events, readings and performances. 

With Mathieu Archambault De Beaune, Julien Carpentier, Quentin Dupuy, Matthew Gernt, Emma Pavoni, Léa Puissant

72 rue des bons enfants, 13006, Marseille — @fuite_marseille


The Hyph studio was founded in 2016 by Delphine Mogarra and Charlotte Morabin, two artists who met during their school years at the Fine Arts school of Marseille (ESADMM). Since 2020, they welcome artists Pierre Pauselli and Javiera Tejerina. They often invite artists to collaborate with them as part of research projects and group shows at the studio.  

The association Atelier Hyph stems from a common wish to open contemporary creation atthe scale of a neighborhood, the Camas.  

The Hyph studio considers itself as a laboratory for experimentations and encounters, un venue where disciplines are in discussion.  

With Delphine Mogarra, Charlotte Morabin, Javiera Tejerina, Pierre Pauselli

2 rue Jules Gontard 13005 Marseille — @atelierhyph


Created in Summer 2021, Mastic gathers artists, craftspersons and young art professionals to turn individual practices into a collective energy. The collective regards itself as an endlessly evolving exchange area. Our horizontal model aims to an equal repartition for interests, ideas and affects. Through the sharing of our know-hows and experiences, it is about overflowing from the closed circle of art: to highlight new models of doing and being together.

With Valentin Vert, Victor Calvi, Louise Belin, Alexandre Espagnol, Bronte Scott, Marie Perraud, Esther Maine, Anicet Oser, Clément Veiluva, Gaspard Postal, Adrien Lagrange, Montaine Jean, Joshua Leterreux, Coline Riollet, Alexia Abed



Panthera studio, located at the 7 rue Sainte Marie in the 5th district of Marseille, hosts visual artists as well as the Panthera association since its creation in 2019. In three years, Panthera studio implemented the mutualization of the production space, creation hosting (CRASHTEST residency program) and a cultural venue reaching a diverse public. The venue occasionally welcomes non-profit cultural events, offering a moment dedicated to current artistic forms, which feed the social connections of those micro-worlds. The space is seen as a moment for trying, encountering practices. It is about sharing a space and continue to gather bodies.

With Clara Buffey, Juliette Guerin, Elvire Ménétrier, Basile Ghosn, Nicolas Emmanuel Perez, Nadja Meier

7 rue sainte marie, 13005 Marseille — @atelier_panthera

Plage Avant 

With Louise Nicollon des Abbayes, Romain Kloeckner, Maxime Delavet, Clément Faydit, Aurelio Gonzalez, Rozenn Voyer

With Delphine Dénéréaz, Opale Mirman, cyber utopianism, Bridget Low, Valentin Martre, Léna Gaya

57 rue du Coq,


The collective experiment 

Yassemeqk is the choice of a group, of the common signature. Working together means choosing to face danger together; it means thinking of risk-taking as a playground and a driving force. 

In boldness, it is more than the addition of the individualities that compose the collective. The group stimulates the desire to be on very thin ice/walking on a tightrope. No doubt because the trust is real and the obstacle is overcomed, because the research of a solution forms our way of making art. 

At the root of each gesture there is a danger; a perilous and exciting proposition. It always passes by a imbalance/mismatch, an unknown. How to deal with it? By, in fact, making. 



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